NFL Team Props

Types of NFL Team Props

The types of NFL team props available to bet is huge. Examples of just some of the popular options include, which team will score first, which team will score last, team total points, how many sacs, will the game go to overtime, longest field goal distance, who will win the toss, will there be a score in the first 7.5 minutes, will a teams score be odd or even. The list goes on and on and you get the idea, that just about every aspect of an NFL game usually has a wager type associated with it in one way or the other and most of those are displayed as prop bets.

Like the other prop bet types such as NFL Player Props, the teams props often offer more value than the mainstream NFL betting markets do. For knowledgeable players this can be a profitable area to concentrate on while increasing your bankroll.

Looking for Value in NFL Props

Take for example the popular (which team will score first) bet. Quite often the recreational gambler will bet the favorite almost blindly believing that the stronger team will score first. This can result in the price of the underdog moving out to a point where there becomes enough value for a play on the underdog. Of course to take advantage of such situations you would need to know what the fair prices for both teams should be.

How to Price an NFL Prop Bet

One way to simply price up a (Which team will score first) market is by looking at the 1st Half NFL Point Spreads and Totals. By using these numbers you can establish how many average points each team are expected to score in the first half. For example lets say that the first half line was Buffalo (-4)/ Washington (+4) and the over under first half total was (22), this would give an estimate of Buffalo 14.5 and Washington 10.5 for the first half. The calculation for this is worked out by subtracting the spread (4) from the total (22), dividing by 2 (9 which is the underdogs score) and adding the spread to the favorites (9 + 4 = 13).

Now you have a predicted score for the first half for both teams you are ready to price up the moneyline odds for which team will score first. Pricing the favorite to score first is accomplished by -100*(favorites score/underdogs score) which in this case would equal -144 (1.69), while the underdog would be the opposite +144 (2.44).