NFL Proposition Bets

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Sun, 2011-09-04 17:25 -- TheFootballLines

A proposition or prop bet is a bet type that doesn't include a moneyline, point spread or total. NFL prop bets cover all sorts of scenarios from how many passing yards a particular Quarterback will throw to which team will be first to score. Come Super Bowl time there are even prop bets on which color Gatorade will be poured over the winning coach.

Many maintain that prop bets are easier to beat than other types of NFL bets, partly because there are just so many different and obscure betting options available that it is harder for the sportsbooks to stay on top of. Backing that theory up is the fact that sportsbooks betting limits are considerably lower on proposition bets than the three main stream bet types with some as low as $100 although around $500 is more the norm.

NFL Prop bets are available on player stats such as Quarterback completions and passing yards gained, Wide Receiver total receiving yards over under a certain total with similar bets available on running backs and other positions. Other common NFL prop bets involve the number of field goals, number of sacks, will the game go to overtime, length of the longest punt, team to score first and the list goes on and on.

NFL Future Bets

Future bets are just that, bets that predict future outcomes. One of the most popular futures bet involves predicting the Super Bowl winner, with odds out on this market well before the season starts and continually changing as the season progresses and teams abilities are reassessed. Similarly the Division and Conference winner futures bets are also popular with less favored teams attracting bettors at high odds.

Another interesting offering in the NFL future betting markets is a teams regular season wins. This will be presented in such a way:
Green Bay Packers regular season wins
Over 11.5 wins 2.35
Under 11.5 wins 1.633

One thing to consider when contemplating placing an NFL Futures bet is the fact that depending on when you place your bet you could be tying your money up for a lengthy period of time which may not suit everyone. If however you have an account with one of the online betting exchanges there is sometimes the opportunity to trade out of your position and lock in a profit or eliminate the risk.