NFL Player Props

What are the Most Common NFL Player Props?

On game day you will find a vast range of NFL player prop bets available at all the leading online sportsbooks. The quarterback, wide receivers and running backs are generally the positions that will dominate the player prop lines. In quarterback offerings you are likely to find bets available on the number of completions made, how many touchdown passes, how many passing yards, will he throw an intercept and so on.

You will often get a spread match up between the two quarterbacks that will look like, "Most Passing Yards" - Tom Brady -22.5 yards v Ben Rothlisberger +22.5 yards. With the wide receivers and running backs their prop bets are usually based on yards over/under a certain total, as well as match ups between players, similar to the quarterbacks example.

The Values Lies in NFL Prop Bets

The major NFL Lines are much tighter and more difficult to beat than prop bets in general, for a few reasons. Firstly the major lines are the ones that the bigger bettors concentrate on as they have the highest limits, with most prop bets having relatively small wagering limits by comparison it is not worth their while. With the big money and all the main sportsbooks fine tuning the major betting lines it makes them that bit harder to beat. The player prop bets on the hand frequently offer greater value and has been the bread and butter for many successful players while they build their bankrolls.

Be Prepared to Bet NFL Player Props

For the recreational player having a bet on a player prop can add that extra bit of excitement to watching a game. If however you are serious about betting NFL player props then you need to be prepared. With so many betting opportunities available to choose from on any given game day you need to be well prepared, have access to a number of quality sportsbook for price and line comparisons and also be able to price and handicap props yourself quickly. The key to pricing prop bets is to have an understanding of Poisson distribution.