NFL Over Under Betting

The Football Lines provide the latest NFL over under or Totals information for you right here which is kept up to date throughout the NFL week so make sure to bookmark us to stay well informed of any NFL over under line moves. You will also find past weekly NFL over under totals. All the information provided by ±he Football Lines on over under totals is for informational and entertainment purposes only and includes a wealth of historical opening and closing lines and results dating back to the 2007 pro football season. If you are looking for over under totals as well as the point spread lines our NFL Lines page is what you are looking for.

Why Do Gamblers Like Betting The Pro Football Totals?

NFL over under or totals betting is growing in popularity for many reasons including it being a 50-50 proposition where you can have some action on a game where you don't have any prediction on the winner, only that you believe it will be a tight low scoring affair and the under the total is the play. The flip side might be an NFL Monday night game where you think that both sides offenses will rule and a points fest is inevitable so you bet the over and sit back and cheer both teams offenses. Maybe it is because there is a wide spread belief that the over under bets are easier to beat than the other lines offered on pro football or that many players feel they can find an edge by focusing on how the weather conditions be it the cold, rain or snow might affect the game total.

Researching Past NFL Totals Trends

Looking for an easy and convenient way to see how you're favorite team and the rest of the NFL is performing against the closing NFL over under line? The Football Lines NFL Over Under Results pages have the details for each week since the 2007 NFL season where you can obtain all the results you need. A quick look at the 2010 season shows that the best team to bet the over on was the Cowboys who participated in a total of 13 games that went over. For under bettors the Rams and Redskins both played in 10 games that went under the closing spread while the longest streak belonged to the Cowboys who played 12 consecutive games that went over the posted NFL total.

With The Football Lines .com's NFL over under data including both the opening and closing totals you are able to see the results of getting your over under bet on at the start of the NFL week as against waiting till game day. The time of when you place your bet affects the number you get, take for instance the NFL Over Under Week 1 2010 match up between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos where the opening total was 41.5 which came down by 1.5 points by game time to close at over under 40. The Jaguars got the win 24-17 giving a total score of 41 which meant that for those who liked the under play and got in early at under 41.5 they had a winning ticket and got the money whereas those who took the under 40 closing number missed out and lost. Browsing through our archived weekly NFL over under total lines you will see that this occurs quite regularly with the line movements not only affecting the bet outcome but also giving the possibilities to middle or side an over under bet for more profit.

Timing Your Over Under Spread Bet

Betting the early or opening NFL over under total can have its advantages and many people maintain that the early lines are easier to beat than the closing ones. That being said, betting an opening total on your favored NFL match for the week could leave you in a pickle if there is late injury news or withdrawals to star players that would affect scoring. Likewise if you believe that certain weather conditions can affect scoring be it wind, rain or snow then you are certainly going to be better informed of the weather conditions closer to NFL game day than early in the week. Whichever time of the week that you place your pro football totals bet the key is to obtain the best number and odds and to do that you will need to have access to a number of reputable sportsbooks.