NFL Odds Betting

The Football Lines provide all the latest NFL football odds for your informational and entertainment purposes. We update the current weeks odds regularly so make sure to bookmark us and keep up to date with the latest NFL odds and there movements. As well as providing the current weeks NFL opening and closing odds The Football Lines NFL Odds by week pages display archived opening and closing prices from the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and current season for you to search through at your leisure. One of the good things about betting into NFL odds also called the moneyline is that you just have to pick the winner that's it, no point spreads to worry about just simply who will win that particular NFL game outright.

Key Differences Between NFL Moneyline Odds v Point Spreads

How many times do you see a hot NFL favorite seem to only do as much as they have to do to win the game leaving the bettor holding a losing point spread ticket on the favorite. The thing is NFL teams care not about a point spread, it is only the sportsbooks and bettors who worry themselves about the spread as the teams are solely concerned about winning NFL games and thats comforting for those who bet into the NFL moneyline odds because at least in theory your team is giving it all they have to win.

Another key difference between NFL odds betting and point spreads is that with point spreads the number you are able to bet decides the outcome, for instance Week 17, 2010 season we saw the Cowboys on the road v the Eagles with the Cowboys opening as +2.5 spread underdogs only to see that line switch around to close with Dallas as -2 favorites. Dallas won the game 14-13 which meant that a spread bet on Dallas at the opening +2.5 won while the closing -2 lost. Now the NFL odds for that game had the Cowboys opening price at +131 (2.31) and closing at -129 (1.78) so if you liked the Cowboys all along and you bet the odds you win whenever you placed your bet the only difference is your return unlike the spread where the number you got decides your fate.

Check Historical Opening And Closing Pro Football Odds Movements

So we know that NFL odds betting is all about picking the winner and once you have made your choice you need to get the best priced odds for your selection. Do you bet early or late, should you wait to see if the money line odds go up on your team or take them now in case their price falls? A popular theory is that the you should bet big favorites as early as you can and large underdog's late because invariably the favorites come in and nobody wants a piece of the underdog whose money line drifts out towards game time. While just one of the many theories that floats about in the NFL odds betting world, you can visit The Football Lines .com's NFL Odds by week pages to compare the favorites and underdogs opening and closing odds for every NFL week since 2007.

A good example of how the timing of when you place your NFL money line bet can make quite a difference to your bankroll was in Week 7 of the 2010 NFL season where the hosted the . Cleveland were underdogs and opened at +621 (7.21) which had come in by game time to close at +498 (5.98), with the Browns too good for the Saints on this occasion winning by a score line of 30-17 anyone who backed the underdog got the money. How much money though did depend on when you placed your bet as those who got in early profited $621 for risking $100 while those who waited until closer to game time would have profited some $123 less and made $498 for a $100 wager. These kinds of price differences obviously add up quickly and can certainly affect how your bankroll is sitting come NFL Super Bowl time.

Benefits of NFL Line Shopping

While getting the timing right can improve your winnings it isn't that easy without a crystal ball and plenty of time to sit and watch price movements. So what can you do to improve your bottom line? Line shopping and picking and choosing the best NFL money line prices between a number of reputable sportsbooks will enable you to get the best return on your winning plays. It isn't difficult to set up a few accounts and give yourself the advantage of being able to be selective with the lines you bet into. The only thing that you want to worry about when wagering on NFL games is how your pick is going, you shouldn't have to be concerned about getting paid or having issues with your bookie. The Football Lines .com's Sportsbooks page lists details of some of the most highly regarded by those who know. Please ensure to check with your local authorities that betting online is legal in your jurisdiction.

The Most and Least Profitable Teams To Bet

Who was the most profitable NFL team to bet the moneyline odds on each week in the 2010 regular season? That would be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who showed a profit of $758 on the opening odds prices for $100 bets each week. While the least profitable NFL team against the odds were the Carolina Panthers who showed a -$1209 v their closing prices. These details are available on The Football Lines .com's NFL Odds pages and include the current season with latest results right back to the 2007 football season, all free and easy to access and use. Incidentally the Buccaneers showed a $120 profit on the opening prices in 2009 and the Panthers were $529 on their closing prices.