NFL Lines Betting

The Football Lines .com is all about providing you with the latest NFL lines from the current week as well as Archived NFL Lines dating back to the 2007 season for your information and entertainment purposes. We have made it easy to find exactly what you are looking for with our NFL Lines pages' featuring opening and closing NFL point spreads and over under lines combined. If you are solely interested in the point spread lines without totals then our NFL Spreads pages are what you are looking for. Only interested in Totals betting or NFL over under lines? then our NFL Over Under section has all the opening and closing details you need, while The Football Lines NFL Odds section is purely devoted to the money line odds or Pro Football betting line. Not only does each area of the site have the latest lines and prices but our week by week pages provide the respective historical data for the past 4 NFL seasons.

We know that many NFL bettors like to be able to access the football lines (spread and totals) in one place to compare the two for any given game to see the line-total ratio (LTR). This ratio can be used to identify opportunities for a correlation play. Correlation is where the outcomes of two bets are linked somehow, if one bet wins the other is also likely to win and if one loses the other is likely to lose. This method has been used for many years by professional players who bet these correlated NFL lines as Parlay bets. Another scenario that some bettors like is when you have a big underdog on the point spread line whose defense is good and whose offense is about average by NFL standards up against a team with very good offense and league average defense. If the underdog wins against the spread line it is likely that their defense has neutralized the opponents offense and their offense has scored about average, in which case the chances the of total line bet being under the given total improve whereas if the favorite covers the points line there is a good chance that their offense has piled on the points while you would expect the underdog to still score about average which would increase the chances of the total going over the over under line. This situation would give a leaning towards the favorite against the spread and over on the total spread line or the underdog and the under.

Research NFL Lines before you wager

Want to be able to quickly see how your team has done against the closing NFL point spread line in week 4 over the last four years? No problem, just visit The Football Lines NFL Spread Results Week 4 page and you can quickly see that the Cleveland Browns have a perfect 4-0 record against the spread in week 4 games since 2007. The NFL Spread Results pages are a great resource to check for winning and losing patterns and trends for all teams against the closing spread line. Likewise our NFL Over/Under Results pages offer the same information for those interested in over under line trends and streaks.

Betting the Best NFL Line

Making sure you get the best NFL point spread number on your preferred teams is important and can make the difference between a winning or losing season. The best way to ensure you get the best football lines available is to have a few outs or in other words accounts with a few reputable and competitive sportsbooks. Taking a look through our archived NFL Lines pages you will notice the volatility in line numbers from the opening to the close which is due to supply and demand and the sheer weight of money on one side or the other. Given that the NFL line can move significantly should you make your NFL line bets early in the week or wait until nearer to game time? For a look at some of the pros and cons of each approach visit our When to Place Your NFL Bet article.