Latest NFL First Half Lines

The Low-down on NFL 1st Half Lines

The NFL linesmakers generally set the 1st half and quarter lines based on the overall game spread by using a chart with breakdowns for halves and quarters. This is purely numbers based with no real allowance for individual team behaviors such as strong starters or poor finishers. The charts will however have allowances built in for moving off key numbers such as 3. With that in mind there certainly lies the opportunity for the bettor to use his knowledge of particular teams and their playing styles to find an edge in the first half lines. You can easily research each teams first half performances and create a database to help pinpoint which teams may offer value in certain situations.

Get the Edge Wagering NFL First Half Lines

Theory would have it that the longer a game goes the more likely the favorite or better credentialed team will perform. For example if you had a game which was a total mismatch, but the game went for say only 6 minutes in total then you would obviously have a much closer score line than for a regular game. The chances of a tie would be much higher as would the chance that the poor team could be leading after 6 minutes. The longer the game goes the greater opportunity the more skilled team has to win and assert their dominance. The same can be said for first half betting and even more so with NFL Quarter Lines wagering.

Using NFL 2nd Half Lines to your Advantage

Most of the Top Online Sportsbooks will also offer 2nd half NFL Lines, which are put up at half time. These 2nd half lines can move considerably with it not being unusual to see movement of 20 cents or more. NFL second half lines can be used to trade out of a position that you no longer like or used for a hedge and middle opportunity. For example let's say that you bet the underdog at +6 on the match point spread and the teams are tied at half time. You notice that the 2nd half lines have the favorite at -3 which you take giving you +6 on the underdog for the game and -3 on the favorite for the second half. In this instance you will win one of the bets and have hedged out of your initial bet at very little cost (depending on the odds you managed to get - $0 to $9) however you still have the opportunity to win both bets and get the middle.

With so much volatility in the second half NFL lines the opportunity readily presents itself to scalp the lines between sportsbooks. For example it is not that uncommon to be able to bet one side at -3 (+105) and the other at +3 (+105) and lock in a guaranteed profit. You will need to be quick off the mark though and keep an eye on the clock so as not to be left exposed with only one bet on.