NFL Week 8 2011: Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals

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Sat, 2011-10-29 03:53 -- TheFootballLines

The Baltimore Ravens host the Arizona Cardinals in NFL week 8 action, with the Ravens looking to bounce back following Monday nights loss to the Jaguars on national television in what can only be described as an inept offensive performance. They get the opportunity to get things back on track at home against a Cardinals team who have lost their last 5 straight and whose only win was back in week 1 against the Panthers (28-21). The opening NFL Odds for this game saw the Ravens at -750 (1.13) and the Cardinals at +604 (7.04). The opening point spread was Baltimore (-13), with that number having moved half a point to the current (-12.5). In the totals market or NFL over under, the line opened at o/u 44.5 and is currently on offer at o/u 43.5.

The money line odds are currently offered at the Ravens -715 (1.14) and the Cardinals +580 (6.8) which looks to have moved slightly from the opening, with the Cardinals in about .20 (on the decimal odds) and Baltimore up marginally. Even though we are still a day or two out from the game it is interesting to see the journey the Cardinals moneyline odds has taken thus far. Taking the odds movement from one of the leading offshore sportsbooks we see that from their opening price +604 (7.04), they went to +677 (7.77), then as high as +704 (8.04) before working their way back down to the current odds. So while they are currently some .20 (on decimal odds) less than their opening price they have reached +1.00 (on decimal odds) higher during the week.

These movements are considerable if for instance Joe Flacco and co put on a repeat performance and the Cardinal were to cause an upset. If that were the case and the odds stayed as they are now, then a $100 wager on the Cardinals at the current price would provide a $580 profit. The result for the same risk, if bet at the Cardinals odds peak would give a profit of $704, equating to an extra $124 profit for the same outlay.

Of course for that to eventuate the Cardinals need to pull off the upset, however if they do, that is an extra 1 betting unit of profit just by timing the bet just right. Our Opening and Closing NFL Odds by weeks pages provide data for each week dating back to the 2007 season. While this is a great resource the above example of the Ravens v Cardinals odds movement demonstrates that keeping an eye on the NFL odds through out the week and not just at opening and game day has the potential to increase you NFL wagering profits.

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