NFL Week 7 2011: Jaguars v Ravens Alternate Betting Lines

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Mon, 2011-10-24 15:37 -- TheFootballLines

The main NFL betting markets for the nationally televised Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens haven't moved much in the last 24 hours. The Latest NFL Lines offering the Jaguars at (+10) & Ravens (-10) while the over under total sits at o/u 38.5. In money line odds betting the Jaguars are about +442 (5.42) and you can bet the Ravens at -525 (1.19). Prices and lines will differ amongst sportsbooks and we have noted the point spread for this game at +/- 11.5 at some outlets.

If none of the main betting lines take your interest the sportsbooks always offer a wide range of alternate bets. At this time the first quarter line for the game sees Jacksonville at (+0.5) on the spread and +192 moneyline while the Ravens are (-0.5) and -214 (1.46) on the odds, the over under total line is at o/u 7 for the 1st quarter. 1st half lines are currently offered with the point spread at +/- 6.5, the total at o/u 19.5 and the moneylines sees the Jaguars at +252 (3.52) and Ravens -285 (1.35).

The prop bets markets are generating plenty of interest as always and will continue to move around until game time. A snapshot of just some of the props on offer include the total number of sacs over 5 at -101 (1.99) under 5 at -116 (1.86). The first team to score odds are Ravens at -190 (1.52) and the Jaguars +165 (2.65).

The quarterback prop bets on offer for this game see Joe Flacco total passing yards o/u 245.5 yards, touchdown passes o/u 1.5 and number of completions at o/u 20. For he Jaguars Blaine Gabbert the bookies have his total passing yards at o/u 168.5 and his number of completions at o/u15.5. If you like to pit the two quarterbacks against one another the there is most passing yards Flacco v Jaguars QB's with Flacco at -55.5 yrds.

In most of these alternate type NFL lines there can be big differences in pricing and spread lines between the Leading Online Sportsbooks, particularly with the player prop bets. Doing some line shopping amongst the sportsbooks will usually uncover a variety of spreads in the quarterback total yards market which can sometimes even lend itself to a low risk middle bet. For all of the latest and historical NFL betting news and data be sure to visit