NFL Week 2 2012, Atlanta Falcons v Denver Broncos

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Mon, 2012-09-17 09:40 -- TheFootballLines

Monday Night NFL brings us the Atlanta Falcons (1-0) hosting Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos (1-0). The moneyline odds for this game opened with Atlanta -170 ($1.59) and Denver at +150 ($2.50), currently we see Atlanta trading between -160 ($1.53) up to -150 ($1.67) while Denver's odds have come in to be trading between +130 ($2.30) up to +143 ($2.43). Taking a look at the Latest NFL Lines we see that the point spread has settled at Falcons -3 Broncos +3 after opening the week at -/+3.5, while in the over under market the line differs amongst the sportsbooks with O/U51.5 being the average and lines of O/U51 and O/U52 also available with a bit of line shopping.

The Falcon's got their season off too a strong start last week with a 40-24 road win over the Chiefs as -130 (-2.5pt) favorites. Matt Ryan was good for 299 yards, 3 touchdowns and 23 completions from 31 attempts. The Broncos also recorded a win last week, with Peyton Manning's no huddle offense clicking straight into gear, Denver proved too good for the Steelers (31-19) as -155 (-2.5pt) favorites. Peyton completed 19 from 26 for 253 yards with 2 touchdowns while Willis McGahee rushed for 64 yards off 16 carries.

Using one of the leading offshore sportsbooks as a guide let's take a look at where Atlanta v Denver wager action is going. Currently in the NFL Spread market Denver have attracted 48% of wagers to Atlanta's 52% however when it comes to the moneyline bet there are plenty who like the underdog odds on offer for the Broncos as 68% of the wager count is on them. In the over under totals market the over bet has generated the most action with 62% of wagers expecting the game total to go over. In the Prop bet department one to watch is the prop bet: (A) Both teams to make a 37+ yard Field Goal at +180 ($2.80) or (B) One team not to make a 37+ yard Field Goal at -240 ($1.42) which currently sees 100% of bets placed on (A) Both teams to make a 37+ yard Field Goal at +180 ($2.80). Another popular prop bet which has one sided action is whether Denver will have a scoreless quarter, Yes at -280 ($1.36) or No at +220 ($3.20), with 100% of wagers placed on NO at +220 ($3.20).

The Pick - We don't start making plays or offer up our picks until week 5 of the season so we will leave this one alone. It will be interesting to see if the gamblers or the sportsbook get the better of those two prop bets!