NFL Week 10 Baltimore Ravens v Oakland Raiders

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Fri, 2012-11-09 13:00 -- TheFootballLines

The 6-2 Baltimore Ravens host the 3-5 Oakland Raiders in NFL week 10. The point spread opened the week at Ravens -9.5 Raiders +9.5 and depending on the sportsbook it is currently between -/+ 7.5 and -/+ 9.5 with odds varying. The NFL over under total is sitting at O/U 46.5 after opening the week at O/U 46.5. In the money line odds department Baltimore are currently around -333 ($1.30) while Oakland are as high as +285 ($3.85).

Taking a quick look at both sides yards per play stats, which can be used to form an initial spread line. We see that the Ravens have averaged 5.6 yards on offense and 5.3 on defense for a differential of +.30 while Oakland have 5.5 yards per play on offense and 5.8 on defense for -.30. This gives Baltimore a .60 advantage which divided by .15 (with each .15 difference relating to 1 point) equals 4 points. You can use 4 points as a baseline then make allowances for home field advantage and any other stats you like. Baltimore certainly command one of the biggest home field advantages in the NFL, being 4-0 at home this season on top of 8-0 in 2011 and 7-1 in 2010.

Wagering results for both teams sees Baltimore and Oakland with a 3-5 (-$215) record against the spread, while for $100 bets each week against the money line odds the Ravens are +$70 and the Raiders are -$178 and in over under results both teams are 5-3.

NFL Betting History Baltimore Ravens v Oakland Raiders Week 10, 2012
Date Spread Odds Home Score V Score Away Odds Spread Total
10/26/08 -9 -350 (1.29) Ravens 29 V 10 Raiders 320 (4.2) 9 34.5
01/03/10 10 420 (5.2) Raiders 13 V 21 Ravens -490 (1.2) -10 39

The last two meetings between Baltimore and Oakland have resulted in wins for the Ravens. The most recent was in 2010 where Baltimore won (21-13) as -490 ($1.2) road favorites however it was Oakland who covered the +10 point spread while the game total of 34 managed to stay under the closing over under line of O/U 39.'s handicapping numbers do show a play here. It does depend on the sportsbook and which spread numbers are available to you though. You can get our pick for this game below or via one of our NFL picks packages. You can check out our NFL Pick Results Here

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We have wagered Baltimore -7.5 at -108 ($1.92) against the point spread. Up to -8 is ok by our numbers but we would not go any higher.