NFL Point Spread Wagering Statistics

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Mon, 2014-08-25 17:33 -- TheFootballLines

NFL point spreads are one of the most popular NFL wager types and with good reason. Your team does not have to win outright but just cover the spread, or that heavy favourite who is offering lousy moneyline odds gives you a shot of backing them with nice -105 ($1.95) odds.

In our moneyline article 2014 NFL Moneyline Odds we looked at how each team went against the moneyline odds last season and just how tough it can be to turn a profit backing those heavy favorites.

The 2013 NFL Point Spreads Betting Results tables show each teams results against the point spread based on $100 bets at odds of -105, overall at home and on the road for last season. We can see straight away that the Seahawks, Broncos, Patriots and 49ers were all way more profitable against the spread than on the moneyline. The Seahawks went 13-3 for +$935 while the Broncos and Patriots were both 12-4 +$740 and the 49ers 11-5 +$545.

When these four teams won straight up, which was most of the time, they managed to cover the point spread. Take a look at these and other wagering stats here at and get ready for season 2014.