NFL Betting Articles

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular spectator sports with the Super Bowl often the United States most viewed tv show. In fact with an average of approximately 67,000 fans attending each game it ranks as the worlds most attended domestic sports league. With the vast media coverage of Pro Football from free to air tv, paid satellite services and live internet casts the popularity and awareness of the NFL internationally continues to grow each year and with so many people watching and attending the games it is little wonder that the NFL is also one of the most popular sports to bet on.

NFL betting attracts a variety of players from those who enjoy to wager on their favorite NFL team each week to those who like a bit of action on the TV game to spice things up, while others like to crunch the numbers or look at the past trends to try to get an edge. From the big boys in Vegas to the big online bookmakers right down to your local betting shop you will find a wide variety of NFL betting opportunities to choose from. Some of the most common NFL betting lines you will come across are the odds or money odds bet, point spread bet, over under total bet, proposition bets as well as parlays, teasers, alternate spreads and future bets which include predicting the Super Bowl Champions, Division and Conference winners and how many wins a particular team will have in the season.

NFL Odds Betting

NFL odds bets or money line odds bets are probably the purest of all football betting options that is because it is a straight out bet on which team will win the game, that's it no points start or points off just who will win. Read more about NFL Odds Betting.

NFL Spread Betting

Point spread bets are one of the most common bets made on Pro Football. Essentially the bet consists of the favorite receiving a negative points handicap for example -3.5 points which means for the bet on the favorite to win they need to win the match outright by more than 3.5 points whereas the underdog is given a positive points handicap for example +3.5 which means for a bet on the underdog to win they need to either win the game outright or lose by 3 or less points. Read more about NFL Spread Betting.

NFL Over Under Totals Betting

Betting on NFL totals is in theory 50/50 proposition as to whether you think the combined scores of both teams in given game will be over or under the over under line. Read more about NFL Over Under Totals Betting.

NFL Proposition Bets

A proposition or prop bet is a bet type that doesn't include a moneyline, point spread or total. NFL prop bets cover all sorts of scenarios from how many passing yards a particular Quarterback will throw to which team will be first to score. Read more about NFL Prop Betting.

When to Place Your NFL Bet

Most of the major NFL betting markets are available for betting up to a week prior to the game, so should you jump in early or wait until just before game time? Read more about When to Place Your NFL Bet.

With so many NFL bet types available there is something for everyone however you bet responsibly, abide by your jurisdictions rules and regulations and only ever risk an amount that you are comfortable to lose.