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NFL Lines

Welcome to the home of where we are dedicated to bringing you the latest NFL Football lines and related information. You can view this weeks current NFL Lines which include the opening and current NFL point spreads for each game as well as the opening and current pro football over under totals. These lines are updated regularly throughout the week so make sure to bookmark us and connect via our social channels to keep up to date on any major changes in this weeks NFL lines. If it is historical pro football data that you are looking for our week by week NFL lines pages contain the opening and closing point spreads and totals lines for each week since the 2007 season.

Live NFL Odds

Our Live NFL Odds sections display this weeks pro football odds, spreads and totals all in real time. The Live NFL Lines displays the latest combination of point spreads and over under lines from a selection of sportsbooks. The NFL Odds page displays a comparison of current moneyline or head to head odds. Latest NFL Point Spreads and NFL Over Under Lines can be found on their relevant pages.

Pro Football Wagering Resources

For those who are only interested in point spreads and nothing else, and for many it is the betting option of choice when it comes to Pro football then's NFL Spreads section is just for you. With the opening and current point spreads listed for the current weeks games you can keep an eye on which way the market forces are moving the spreads on the games you are interested in. Should you jump in now and bet at the current line or wait in hope of getting a better number closer to game time? You probably want to consider is the spread teetering around a key number that you would rather be one side or the other of, is it a big NFL favorite or large underdog you are looking at betting? are there any injury rumors from either team? Of course those are all questions that are worth considering before placing your wager however additionally you can use's archived NFL Spreads weekly pages which date back to the 2007 NFL season to examine point spread movements from opening to close to assist in your decision making.

Opening and Closing Pro Football Odds

The Football Lines .com's NFL Odds section is devoted to current and historical week by week Pro football money line odds. Again as with the our other sections we include the opening and closing numbers because they can make such a difference to your bankroll at the end of the NFL season. With point spreads and over under totals it is all about that spread number but with NFL odds betting it is the price that matters. With Pro football odds betting if you pick the loser you do your dough, simple as that! Pick the winner and you win, but how much you profit is dependent on the odds price you get and that can and does change from open to close. Some great examples of the effects the opening to closing NFL odds prices can have on a bankroll is displayed in's NFL Odds by weeks pages where below each rounds data we provide an NFL odds results table which shows the cumulative profit or loss for betting $100 on each team each week of that season both at the opening odds and the closing odds. By visiting the NFL odds week 17 page you can see the regular season results for the past 4 years and some of the results may be surprising, like the 2009 Raiders who were approximately $160 more profitable if you bet them on their closing odds price as opposed to the opening. The timing element to NFL betting is discussed more at When to place your NFL bet.

Certainly the timing of when you place your pro football bet can make a difference to your profits be it the opening or closing line, but we don't all have the time to watch for line moves all week or have access to a crystal ball so what else can you do to maximize your returns when betting NFL? The answer has been repeated for years and is as relevant if not more so today than ever and that is to "shop for lines". Essentially this means having multiple accounts with online sportsbooks or Las Vegas sports books so you can pick the best spread number or odds price. Line shopping gives you the chance to get on the right side of that key number with that half point deciding many a winning or losing ticket not to mention the affect that line shopping the NFL football odds prices can have on your bankroll come Super Bowl time.

NFL Betting Trends

Pro football betting trends are certainly of interest to many players who love to see how each team has gone against the spread in a given week or which team is on a streak against the spread or over under totals. To make it easy for those of you interested in these sorts of trends and streaks we have's NFL Spread Results and NFL Over Under Results sections. Here you will find easy to read tables showing each teams performance (W-L-P) and profitability ($ +/- for $100 bets each game) against the opening and closing point spreads and over under totals.

NFL Standings

Before placing your next pro football wager why not check out the the Football Lines .com's NFL Standings with full AFC, NFC stats including rankings, games played, wins, losses, points for and against and winning percentages separated into overall, home and road by conference and divisions. While there you can access the same details for past NFL seasons to compare how your favorite teams have performed.

NFL Schedules's NFL Schedule provides the full pro football weekly schedule. For those of you who are only interested in your favorite teams itinerary for this season just select your team from the drop down menu.