NFL Scoreboard

Download Historical NFL Odds, Spreads and Totals!'s NFL Scoreboard is live and up-to-date with the latest NFL scores and results. Recap last week's NFL games or check out next week's NFL opening odds and game preview all provided by leading online bookmaker Bodog Sportsbook. With so many games being played each weekend of the NFL season you will want to stay informed as to how your wagers are performing.

Not only will the scoreboard here at provide all of the latest NFL scores it displays other useful information which at a glance gives you access to each teams straight up record, the relevant home or road record, the opening NFL lines (as posted at Bodog Sportsbook), a running poll with voters results on which team will cover the spread and whether the game will go over or stay under the total as well as quick links to the match up details and recaps for games concluded. Our NFL Scoreboard provides real time scores and extra pertinent information for those interested in wagering on NFL. If you are looking for another source for the latest NFL scores then you can't go past the Official NFL Website Scoreboard with their Game Center feature.

While checking the live NFL scoreboard or watching the games live you might like to consider in-play wagering. Below we discuss some of the ways in-game betting can be used to your advantage.

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NFL In-Play Wagering

One of the most popular betting options these days is In-Play NFL Betting where you can place wagers live through out the game. Obviously the lines and odds change quickly as events unfold in the game, however with the many stops and starts that occur in a regular pro football game there is usually plenty of time to get your bet on. With most of the Top Sportsbooks offering live in-play betting, many more exciting opportunities exist for today's NFL gamblers. Live in-play betting can be used to hedge out of a betting position, say for instance that you have an money line odds bet on the underdog and while the scores are close, having watched the first quarter you don't feel that your team will be able to keep pace so you find the best in-play odds price on the favorite and cut your losses.

Hedging NFL Odds Bets In-Play

There is also quite often the opportunity to place a hedge bet to lock in a guaranteed profit, for instance lets say that Jacksonville are playing Houston and you have risked $100 betting on Jacksonville pre game at +140 (2.4). They get off to a handy early lead and you consider hedging out for a profit. You check the in-play NFL odds to find Jacksonville are now favorites and Houston are offered at +140 (2.40). At this point you have options, you could wager $100 on Houston and lock in a guaranteed profit of $40 with no risk, you could wager $71 on Houston which would mean you have eliminated any risk and stand to profit $69 if JAC win and break even if they lose. If you wanted a risk free bet on Houston you would wager $140 on them which would see a profit $96 if they win and break even if Jacksonville win.

Risk Free NFL Point Spread Bets

Just like the examples above NFL Point Spreads Betting can be hedged with in-play betting. One difference is that you can in certain circumstances use in game wagering to create middle opportunities. Let's take the hypothetical JAC v HOU game and say that you backed $100 on Jacksonville at +3.5 at odds of -105(1.95) on the point spread pre game and with their early lead they are now favored by -3.5 meaning Houston are now +3.5. You now wager $100 on the Texans +3.5 at -105 (1.95) which means you are assured of winning one of the two bets. If either team wins by more than 3 points you will lose $5, if however either team wins by 1, 2 or 3 points you will win both bets and make a profit of $190.

NFL in-play betting if used properly can be another handy tool for the successful pro football gambler to use. Just like the mainstream NFL betting lines the different sportsbooks will vary with their in-play offerings with some only putting lines up during breaks and others may have lines up through out the entire game. The bookies who offer continuous lines will generally take them offline if one of the teams is near the red zone, and just after a score to adjust the line. Before jumping into live NFL betting it would be prudent to open accounts with a handful of the Leading Online Sportsbooks in order to sample their in-play offerings and compare lines and odds as they can vary quite considerably.